In situ validation and verification CalMaster2

Verification and validation tool for MagMaster and AquaMaster flowmeters





The CalMaster2 suite comprises 2 elements (CalMaster IRIS and CheckMaster). CalMaster IRIS (Intelligent Recognition Information System) is used to verify in situ mains and battery-powered flowmeter systems. CheckMaster is a field validation device that checks whether a metering system has been installed correctly and is functioning properly. Both devices are stand-alone, battery-powered with IP65-protection and can be used where a PC or laptop is not available or suitable. Up to 100 tests can be stored before data needs to be downloaded.


Current, frequency and pulse input, 0 to 25 mA output
LCD illuminated display, 4 lines, 20 characters
Rugged and robust housings, IP65 protection
Stand-alone, powered by 12 V DC internal battery
Ability to print a verification certificate and conformance report
+/– 1 % accuracy on Fingerprinted sensors and ability to download Fingerprint files from website


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