Electromagnetic flowmeter AquaMaster FEW400

AquaMaster Reduced Bore, battery operated, Electromagnetic Flowmeter. Allows highest levels of measurement accuracy in even the remotest of locations



AquaMaster4 electromagnetic flowmeter

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Key values for users:

Solution from the masters of flow measurement – in 1988, ABB invented and designed the world’s first battery-powered electromagnetic flowmeter for DMA (District Metered Area)
Invest smartly through ‘single box’ DMA solution – combining flow, pressure and data-logging
Have greatest confidence in your billing based on highest accuracy with widest flow range revenue meter
Get early warnings for leaks or bursts and reduce NRW (Non-Revenue Water) – highest confidence in night line performance
Have highest confidence in the wet calibration – our flow rigs are certified by various national independent accredited bodies / laboratories all linked by the ‘International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation’ (ILAC)
Fit and flow with factory default settings. To customize minimal on-site configuration required with quick and easy configuration through ABB Velox mobile smart phone / tablet app
Lowest total cost of ownership (TOTEX) over complete product lifecycleAquaMaster conforms to the latest international standards to meet increasing legislative demands for accurate flow metering. Its wide measuring range ensures peak daytime flows are accurately recorded and its exceptional low flow performance aids network leak detection.
Fit and flow for foolproof installation, all data is stored in the sensor to reduce on-site setup. AquaMaster’s unique sensor design conditions the flow profile resulting in excellent meter performance in poor hydraulic installation conditions.


Measurement parameters: flow rate, flow velocity, volume flow (forward, reserve and net) and pressure (option)

Wide range of sensor styles and size: reduced bore DN40 to 600, full bore DN40 to 2400 and probe 300 to 1000 mm. Range up to R1000 and accuracy up to ±0.2% ±0.5mm/sec whichever is greater.
Power options: 10 years battery life, solar / wind renewable and AC mains
Communication options: Pulse, Modbus and Sensus with wireless interface to mobile smart phone / tablet
High and low flowrate alarms
Applicable for arduous applications: IP68 for submersion and up to 5m buriable
Verification: in situ diagnostics and self-checking capabilities
Backward compatible with legacy AquaMaster sensors
Drinking water certifications: WRAS, NSF, ACS, AS/NZS 4020
Metrological approvals: OIML R49 and MID MI-001 (pending)


Measure, log and communicate with a single box and achieve more with less capital expenditure for your district metered areas.

Increase billing confidence and deliver accurate bills for true consumption levels, not estimates.

Pave the way for easy operations and have peace of mind while the flowmeter maintains itself.

Reduce operational expenses and waste while controlling supply and demand more accurately.

Receive near real-time communication as the flowmeter reads and writes over the air.

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